April 26, 2024 - Downtown, Kent OH
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The Whiskey Drinks

Like any skillfully-crafted cocktail, The Whiskey Drinks is a band made of high-quality components whose recipe comes together to make something greater than the sum of their parts. Featuring well-seasoned jam, bluegrass, and folk musicians from the Cleveland area, the noted instrumental skill, stage presence, and musical intensity of The Whiskey Drinks has been the driving force behind their rapid popularity and exposure in the 216 acoustic scene. The band’s decades-long, barrel-aged history together both mellows and adds to the complexity of their sound at the same time, leaving a lingering buzz that makes you come back for more every time. With far-reaching influences focused on deep roots in traditional American music , The Whiskey Drinks incorporate elements of old-time, blues, and protest music in their shows, as well as funk, hip-hop, and delta blues. Intentionally pushing the boundaries of their collective musical comfort zones since their first practices together, The Whiskey Drinks plays a wide variety of original, traditional, and cover music suited for dark barrooms, loud festivals, and any other location where someone needs to get away from who they are for while.

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