April 26, 2024 - Downtown, Kent OH
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Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts

Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts, a 2023 nominee for Ameripolitan Honky Tonk Band of the Year, more than exemplify their Playboy Scout oath of “On my honor I will do my duty to Two Step Dancers and Honky Tonkers everywhere.” The band, who play original country tunes inspired by artists like Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, formed in the Cleveland-Akron area in 2016. Since then, the band has taken to the road and toured through half of the country. They are affectionately known for their blue bus and encouraging others to join their troop. The band has an exciting live show that is quite adaptable to any setting. They are more than at home playing dancehalls for two steppers and aren’t afraid to turn it up at a rowdy bar gig. Frontman and songwriter, Cory Grinder leads the group on guitar and fiddle with his commanding voice that pairs well with that of pedal steel player and fellow founding member of the band, Tebbs Karney. The rhythm section of the band is well equipped with Bee Roberts on Drums and Alex Buchanan on bass. Virtuoso guitarist Anthony Papaleo adds another great voice and splits fiddle duty with Grinder. Following the release of their debut album(Cahoots & Other Favorites) in 2018, the band has signed to Blue Arrow Records and released two more full length albums(“Honky Tonkin’ Beauty Supreme” & “Snacks”) along with a slew of other material. Fans are anticipating the announcement of their next album which is expected to come out late-2023. The band has also continued to establish themselves in places across the country like Tennessee, Texas, California, and more.

“We love taking our brand of country music around the nation and we sure hope you’ll join us at a show soon! Ask me for a dance!” – Cory Grinder

Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts Website